Ticket & Spaces Available Now!

     Now is the time to get your tickets and table spaces. We will be sending our mailings out near the end of July, but you can download the GLH-2014 Space & Ticket Order Form and mail it in anytime. The deadline for indoor spaces is Friday, August 29, 2014! This year spaces remain $10 each, but due to an increase on table rentals, the cost of spaces will go up to $12 in 2015. (We're eating the extra cost this year.) Admission will stay at $6 in advance and $7 at the door with no plans to change that price.
     You can provide a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want your tickets mailed. Otherwise we will hold them at our indoor ticket sales table for pickup on the day of show. We will begin mailing tickets out after July 15.
     For more on spaces and setup, please see our Space Information page.

Order Confirmations

     Confirmation on receiving your order will be on our Ticket/Space Confirmation page. When your order is received along with a payment, it will be placed on this page within two days. If it is not there within 10 days after mailing it in, please write us using the email link on that page. We have found in past years that our PO Box does not always get all the mail sent to it. We want to be sure you don't miss out on your space reservations or tickets.

Support Your Local Hamfest - Volunteer to Help at Our Next Show

Volunteer to help with
Greater Louisville Hamfest 2014!

If you are interested joining GLHA, contact GLHA Chairman Bob Myers at 502 713-7135 or write Greater Louisville Hamfest Association, Inc.; P.O. Box 34444; Louisville, KY 40232-4444.

GLHA Members will be bringing signup sheets to the meetings of your local clubs. We ask you consider helping us during the show. For just an hour of your time we will provide a free admission ticket to the hamfest. Tasks include Friday Evening Setup Assistance, Saturday Morning Setup Assistance, Door Monitor/Ticket Checkers, Floating Volunteers (placed where needed) and Outdoor Ticket Sales.

GLH-2014 Forums

     Planning GLH-2014 is well underway and it will be exciting. This year the Louisville Hamfest is host to the ARRL Kentucky State Convention. This is exciting, especially as the ARRL celebrates their 100th anniversary! There is no doubt that the ARRL/ARES Forum will have lots of information and before the forum we will present a 25 minute video: ARRL at 100 - A Century of Ham Radio.
     But that's just beginning. Afterwards, the Kentucky Phone Net will have a meeting and the Jefferson County Search Dog Association present a forum on how important ham radio is to search and rescue operations. Then it's a forum on amateur radio antennas, a vital part of any ham shack. There will also be a 20-minute video called Discovering Amateur Radio for those who what to learn more about what hams radio is all about.
     Our highlighted forum this year will be about the VK9MT Mellish Reef DXpedition in Australia. Find out first-hand about the thrills of DXing and get to know what a DXpedition is all about!
     For more information on our forums and other events, click on Hamfest Details in the menu.

Ham Radio Testing

     GLH-2014 will be offering Amateur Radio Exams (WCARS VE Testing) in the Isaac W. Bernheim Room. Signup begins at 8am with testing from 9am until noon. You must bring the $10 Fee (Exact Amount-Cash Only) and a valid picture ID (driver's license, etc.). If upgrading you need your original AND one (1) copy of your ham license and/or Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE). Pass the test and you will have your new license by Monday!

QSL Card Checking

     Once again Jim Vaughn K4TXJ will be checking QSL cards. Keep in mind Jim can check any ARRL awards such as WAS and VUCC. Jim will be at the ARRL booth at the front of the exhibition hall between the prize booth and concession stand.

QSL Card Contest

     And while we are on the subject of QSL cards, the QSL card contest has returned. We are looking for what other hams might consider the most eye-popping awesome and cool QSL card in the bunch. Do you have and entry for us? Have your card in by 8:30am on Saturday, September 6. Cards will be randomly judged by fellow hams and the favorite will be announced at 10:45am. There will be a prize for the winner. All cards will be placed in a holder to prevent damage and you can pick up your card after the winner is announced. The QSL card entered may be your card, one you create especially for the contest or one you received.

ARRL Award Ceremony & Lunch After the Hamfest!

     This year GLH-2014 host to the 2014 ARRL Kentucky State Convention. We are pleased to provide a nice room at Mr. Gatti's just across from the show at 162 Paroquet Springs Drive. The Award Ceremony and Lunch will begin at 2:00pm. We invite everyone to join ARRL for a nice lunch and meeting after the hamfest. Each person must pay for their own meal.

Mr. Gatti's in Shepherdsville provides good food, friendly employees and a wonderful atmosphere for all to enjoy. They have wonderful salads, spaghetti, chili, pizza, cinnamon sticks and even a new game room for the kids.

GLH-2014 Merchants

  • The Ham Station
    Phone: 800 729-4373; Fax: 866 810-9292

  • T.A.W. Enterprises
    Phone: 606 864-7843    Email

  • Power of Three, LLC
    Phone: 812 472-3440    Email

  • Transel Corporation
    Orders: 877 TRANSEL (877 872-6735); Technical: 513 897-3442

  • Debco Electronics, Inc.
    Phone: 513 531-4499; Fax: 513 531-4455; Toll Free: 800 423-4499

  • Gold Medal Ideas
    Phone: 888 478-0041; Fax: 847 876-7508

  • Eagle 1 Communications
    Phone: 304 264-9069; Fax: 304-264-9092

    Prizes Donated By:

  • American Radio Relay League
    Devoted Entirely to Amateur Radio

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    GLHA 2014 Final Meeting Date

    October 14

       Louisville Red Cross
       510 E. Chestnut St.
       Louisville, KY
    Time: 7:00pm

    Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month, February through August and October.