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Sign Up for the Wouff Hong Here

     The Wouff-Hong is amateur radio's most sacred symbol and stands for the enforcement of law and order in amateur operation.
     During Greater Louisville Hamfest 2016 and ARRL Kentucky State Convention, Amateur Radio Operators who are ARRL Members are invited to witness the ceremony of the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong.
     Each person inducted into the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong will receive a certificate, but to have it ready, you need to sign up at LouisvilleHamfest.com/wouffhong.htm. Remember, you must be a ham and an ARRL Member to attend.

KYDXA Arranges DXpedition Forum

     The Kentucky DX Association has invited Hal Turley W8HC to present his experience on the K5P DXpedition to Palmyra Atoll. Over 75,000 contacts were made during their 14 days of operations. Be sure to join us for this exciting forum.

ARRL Forums Full

     ARRL has a number of forums and all time slots are now filled. ARRL Chief Technology Officer Brennan Price N4QX from ARRL Headquarters will be at the hamfest. Brennan brings a wealth of information about how ARRL advocates for frequencies and operating modes around the globe as well as at home.

GLH-2016 Tickets Available Now

     Tickets are available NOW from GLHA Team Members when they attend local ham club meetings, online or by using one of our forms on our mailing or Space Order Form. Each Admission Tickets sold in advance will include one free Extra Prize Ticket.

Order Spaces & Tickets Online Here

     Tickets and spaces are now easy to order with secure payments with a major credit card or PayPal.
     Indoor Spaces with 6-foot by 30-inch tables are just $8 each.
     Tailgating Spaces, Admission Tickets and Extra Prize Tickets are also available online. A 3% processing charge is added to all online orders.
     Pre-orders for spaces and tickets can also be purchased by mailing in an order form from our mailing or Space Registration Form.

BIGGEST Hamfest in Over a Decade!

     GLH-2016 is packed with forums as we have the ARRL Kentucky State Convention. Three large rooms will be used for forums - the Adam Shepherd Room (48x20) and the John McDowell Ballroom (49x56) downstairs and the Henry Crist Room (46x38) upstairs. There's plenty of seating for everyone! An elevator is available for upstairs access. This is our largest, most ambitious hamfest since 2004 - when we were first at PSCC! This is our 13th year at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre - A beautiful facility and a great staff!
     GLH-2016 is the largest Amateur Radio event of the year in Kentuckiana. WBe there for the fun - mark your calendar and join us!

Hamfest Volunteers Wanted

     Volunteers are needed to make each hamfest a success. All we ask is an hour of your time and you will get an Admission Ticket to the hamfest and a nifty souvenir badge. Plus you will be eligible for a special volunteer prize - only available to volunteers!
     You can volunteer for an hour during setup on Friday between 1:30pm-9pm or on Saturday between 6am-1pm.
     Want to help? for more information or to let us know you want to volunteer your help.

Aerospace Education Forum

     A new entry to our forums is Aerospace Education in Kentucky. The Air+Space Academy helps to increase the number of high school students who enter the field of aerospace. Within their space science curriculum, CubeSats are one of the focus topics.
     The forum will be at 11:00am in the Henry Crist Room on the second floor. Air+Space Academy will also have a booth in the main Ham-Mania area.

Bullitt Co. Judge Exec. Coming to Hamfest

     GLH-2016 will be welcoming Bullitt County Judge Executive Melanie J. Roberts as she joins us at this year's show.
     Her office develops and oversees the county government budget by working to devise agency budgets, monitoring and report expenditures, managing the over 200 employee workforce and answering inquiries from the community. They also work to attract and maintain projects which provide job opportunities, community development and sustained, long-term growth opportunities.
     We are honored to have Judge Executive Roberts at our hamfest.

Safe Sunspot Gazing

     Never look directly at the sun - it will blind you. But Mark Steven Williams K9GX, the StarGeezer, will have equipment for safe solar viewing of the sun and sunspots. Of course, that's assuming the weather cooperates.
     Join him for an exciting solar experience at 12:30pm near the tailgating area outside.
     Mark will also have a forum at 9:00am about next year's exciting full solar eclipse and the ham radio events surrounding this once-in-a-lifetime terrestrial show next year here in Kentucky!