GLH-2013 Prize Winners

IC-718 HF Transceiver with RT Systems Programming Cable and Drivers: Wildon Priddy, KA4FKU, Louisville, KY

IC-V8000 VHF Mobile with RT Systems Programming Cable & Software: Robert Harrison, Milltown, IN

IC-V80 Handheld with RT Systems Programming Cable & Software: Ron Diemer, W4MAE, Louisville, KY

Gift Certificate from RT Systems: Loren Kerr, AJ4CW, Louisville, KY

Gift Certificate from RT Systems: Bill Adams, KD4NSU, Bardstown, KY

$50 Gift Certificate from ARRL: Fredy Wagoner, KM4NI, Louisville, KY

$25 Gift Certificate from ARRL: Donald Geary, N4ZMC, Louisville, KY

$25 Gift Certificate from ARRL: Dave Hamilton, W4NZY, Louisville, KY

ARRL 2013/2014 Repeater Directory: Lean Rogers, W4JIG, Columbia, KY

Congratulations to all of this year's winners!

Support Your Local Hamfest - Volunteer to Help at Our Next Show

Volunteer to help with
Greater Louisville Hamfest 2014!

If you are interested joining GLHA, contact GLHA Chairman Bob Myers at 502 713-7135 or write Greater Louisville Hamfest Association, Inc.; P.O. Box 34444; Louisville, KY 40232-4444.

Thank You!
     It was another great show this year with a nice day, happy hams and satisfied merchants. It takes lots of people to succeed each year and we thank the following volunteers for their help:

Kevin King
Bud Dixon KG4AFQ
Holly Hatfield KG4BGI
Grady Joslin KY9L
James Brown KJ4YIG
Tina Larimore KJ4JFY
Nancy Sollman KK4OSY
Jim Hartman KJ4WWI
Pam Hogan KJ4VTV
Ronnie Hogan KI4FNS
Buddy Sohl KC4WQ
John Sohl KG4WWE
Tony Drane KC4ALV
Pam Myers
Mary Jo Kruer KT4GB
Tom Kruer AE4NU
Dylan Lear KJ4YXY
Glen Petri KE4KY
Angela LeVato
Pat Hartlage NA4NA
Dan Hund KB4CF
Chris DeMarsh KI4RDG
Jim Fry KC9UVN
Bill Wright KB9ZSH
Doug House KF4REN
Jerry Stewart KC9TXQ
Jim Ludlow KJ7NT
Cindy Staudenheimetz KK4LMJ
Ervin Gentry KJ4HXN

We also thank the following W.C.A.R.S. Volunteer Examiners for providing ham exams:

Joe Schneid KK4NWC
Laddie DePas AI4RQ
Tom Irwin K4TBI
Jason Begley KY9J
Emma March AB9HU
John Hurt KI4USD
Dennis Lutz KJ4HOW
Bill Carter KF4GGV

Also, thanks to our tailgaters, merchants & flea market folks and a very special thanks to Jessica Brockman, Marlin Russell and the helpful staff of Paroquet Springs Conference Centre. Thank you to everyone who helped with GLH-2013!

GLH-2013 Merchants

  • The Ham Station
    Local Phone: 812 422-0231; Fax: 812 422-4253
    Toll Free Phone: 800 729-4373; Fax: 866 810-9292

  • T.A.W. Enterprises
    Phone: 606 864-7843

  • Debco Electronics, Inc.
    Phone: 513 531-4499; Fax: 513 531-4455; Toll Free: 800 423-4499

  • Transel Corporation
    Orders: 800 829-8321; Support: 217 352-1725

    Prizes Donated By:

  • American Radio Relay League
    Devoted Entirely to Amateur Radio

  • RT Systems
    Sales: 800 921-4834 or 303 586-6510; Fax: 770 216-1836;

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