GLH-2015 Major Prize Winners

     Jason Saldua KK4VFJ of Mt. Washington, KY won the first prize, an Alinco DX-SR8T HF transceiver.
     Second Prize, an Icom V8000 VHF transceiver went to Shawn Cowden KG4KBU from London, KY.
     The Icom V80 VHF handheld went to Ken Heavrin KY4COP of Louisville, KY, our Third Prize winner.
     Roger Dowdy N4HZ from Cottontown, TN won the Family Astronomy Package with "Eclipse Shades" safe solar viewers, tickets to the Rauch planetarium and laminated Stargazing guides from, all courtesy of
     Our Hamfest Volunteer drawing for a $50 ARRL Prize Certificate went to WCARS VE Jon Richardson KC9QLB of New Salisbury, IN.
     Congratulations to all our prize winners!

Special Thanks to KYDXA

     The Kentucky DX Association offered lots of information about DXing and their DX Spotting Network. Also a shout out to the Kentucky Contest Group who were on hand during the Q&A session in the second part of the presentation. For more information about KYDXA, visit their Facebook page at

Thanks to the ARRL

     GLH-2015 thanks all the folks involved with the ARRL Leadership Conference. It was obvious by the standing room only forums that the conference was a success. We are glad we were able to provide you with a place for the conference and thank you for the valuable information provided by all of the speakers and ARRL Representatives.

Another Great Show

     During the show, a number of people came up to me and offered me thanks for a great hamfest. I had to tell them, it's not just me or even just the Association.
     The Greater Louisville Hamfest is more than just an group putting on a show. It's about people - the vendors and those who have flea market tables, the tailgators, the folks at the facility, the volunteers, the forum speakers, the guests and all those who participate in the show.
     The Greater Louisville Hamfest is about people getting together for a great time, to learn from each other, to give their time to help others and to offer old and new merchandise for others to purchase and enjoy. It's about each and every person who comes to the show to make our hamfest the best in the Kentucky and Indiana area.
     We are YOUR hamfest and I am humbled by the work, time and dedication each and every person puts into making our hamfest so exciting. I thank everyone for their support of GLH-2015.
     Even before this year's hamfest was over, we are planning GLH-2016 and have booked through 2018. Stay tuned to see what we have for 2016.
     Bob Myers K4RVM, GLHA Chairman

Ham It Up - Amateur Radio - A National Resource

     We need enthusiastic hams ready to work behind the scenes to make the hamfest happen. This is what the Greater Louisville Hamfest Association does and we need your help to put together our 2016 show.
     Some activities include creating promotional materials such as flyers, emails and internet postings; contacting and corresponding with vendors and/or non-profit amateur radio related organizations; deciding on hamfest events, forums and prizes; arranging for and working with forum speakers before and during the show; keeping and entering information in databases; coordinating rental and purchased items; working at the hamfest setup and show performing operational functions.
     GLHA is a volunteer group and is not affiliated with any club or organization. Our goal is to organize and provide, to the community, the Greater Louisville Hamfest on the first Saturday after Labor Day each year.
     GLHA meets at 6:30pm the second Tuesday of each month at the downtown Louisville Red Cross. If you are interested being part of organizing the Louiaville Hamfest, contact Bob Myers at 502 713-7135 or any other GLHA Member.

GLHA Meeting Location:
   Louisville Red Cross
   510 E. Chestnut St.
   Louisville, KY
Time: 6:30pm
2016 Dates: Feb 9, Mar 8, Apr 12, May 10, Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 9, Oct 11.